SULTAN HANSBO - 602.068.90 - Memory foam pillowtop mattress, white, light gray


Good to know about Memory foam pillowtop mattress, white, light gray SULTAN HANSBO 602.068.90

Firmness: Soft
506 springs/Queen size.
Memory foam will become firmer in low temperatures. If you bring a memory foam mattress home on a cold day, it needs to adapt to the temperature in your bedroom before having the right properties.
To be completed with a slatted bed base, a box spring or foundation.

SULTAN HANSBO 602.068.90 - Full Description and specifications

Incased Pocket spring coil: Steel
Frame: Polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft.
Filling: Polyurethane foam., Polyester wadding, Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding, Polyurethane memory foam., Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding
Ticking/ Ticking: 68 % cotton, 32 % polyester
Ticking: 100 % viscose/rayon

Key features of SULTAN HANSBO


-25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.
-A 1 5/8" thick layer of memory foam in the integrated pillowtop responds to your touch and temperature, molding to your body shape for precision support.
-Active pocket springs respond independently to cradle your body and help relieve pressure points, while keeping your spine properly aligned.
-Active-Response Coils are individually wrapped to insulate movements so you don't disturb your bed partner.

Dimensions of SULTAN HANSBO

Length: 79 1/2 in
Width: 59 1/2 in
Thickness: 11 in
Length: 202 cm
Width: 151 cm
Thickness: 28 cm
This product requires assembly
Designed by IKEA of Sweden

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